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Nicole Hassoun
(Executive Director)

Nicole Hassoun is a professor in philosophy at Binghamton University. Her book Globalization and Global Justice: Shrinking Distance, Expanding Obligations (Cambridge University Press, 2012) was runner up for the APA book prize and her articles appear in journals like the American Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of Development Economics, The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, PLOS ONE, The European Journal of Philosophy, and Utilitas.

Eric Schwitzgebel

Eric Schwitzgebel is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. Recent works include: A Theory of Jerks, and Other Philosophical Misadventures (MIT Press, 2019), Perplexities of Consciousness (MIT Press, 2011), “A Theory of Jerks” (Aeon Magazine, 2014), and “1% Skepticism” (Nous, forthcoming). He is a member of the APA Committee on the Status and Future of the Profession. On his blog, and more recently in op-eds for The Los Angeles Times, he regularly critiques the narrowness and homogeneity of academic philosophy in the mainstream Anglophone tradition. homogeneity of academic philosophy in the mainstream Anglophone tradition.

Sherri Conklin

Sherri Conklin recently earned her PhD in Philosophy at UCSB, and is Currently a lecturer for the Department of Philosophy at University of Colorado Boulder. Sherri conducts research in marginalization in Philosophy professions, moral worth, normative theory, and moral psychology.

Advisory Board

Sally Haslanger

Sally Haslanger is a Ford professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She specializes in metaphysics, epistemology, feminist theory, and critical race theory. Her book Resisting Reality: Social Construction and Social Critique (Oxford 2012) won the Joseph B. Gittler award for work in philosophy of the social sciences. She was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2015.

Tom Dougherty

Tom Dougherty is an associate Professor in philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Formerly, he worked as a University Lecturer in the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity Hall. His research focuses on moral and political philosophy, as well as consequentialism, and he is currently writing books on the ethics of consent.

Kathryn Norlock

Kathryn Norlock is the inaugural Kenneth Mark Drain Endowed Chair in Ethics, the Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She is also an affiliated faculty member in Sustainability Studies, and an associated faculty member in Gender and Women's Studies at Trent University. She is the former President of the Society for Analytical Feminism (SAF), and past president of the Canadian Society for Women In Philosophy (CSWIP). She is a co-founder and co-editor of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, an open-access, peer-reviewed journal.

Edouard Machery

Edouard Machery is a Distinguished Professor of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as the Director of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on the philosophical issues raised by psychology and cognitive neuroscience. He was awarded the Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award by the University of Pittsburgh, the Stanton Prize by the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and holds a Regular Visiting Distinguished Professorship at Eidyn (Edinburgh).

Carolyn Jennings

Carolyn Jennings is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences at University of California Merced. Her work is centered around attention. She recently published her debut book, The Attending Mind, with Cambridge University Press in 2020. Some of her notable work includes: “Action without Attention” (with B. Nanay, Analysis, forthcoming), “The Standard Theory of Conscious Perception” (Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2015), “Consciousness without Attention” (Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 2015), 'Attention and Perceptual Organization' (Philosophical Studies, 2015), 'The Subject of Attention' (Synthese, 2012), and “Inductive Parsimony and the Methodological Argument” (Consciousness & Cognition, 2012).

Michael Rea

Michael Rea is a Rev. John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, and is Concurrent Faculty in the Notre Dame Gender Studies Program. He is the Director for the Center for Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame. His research focuses primarily on topics in metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and analytic theology.

Julie Van Camp

Julie C. Vancamp is a Professor Emerita of Philosophy at California State University, Long Beach, where she teaches philosophy of law and applied ethics. She is currently Executive Director & Secretary-Treasurer of the American Society for Aesthetics. She was privileged to study with Elizabeth Lane Beardsley at Temple University and inspired to encourage women to pursue philosophy by a former male colleague who told her long ago that 'female philosopher is an oxymoron.'

Ruth Chang

Ruth Chang is a Professor and the Chair of Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford, a Professorial Fellow of University College, Oxford, and an American professor of philosophy. Formerly, she worked as a Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Before arriving at Rutgers, she was a Junior Research Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford where she was completing her dissertation. She has also held visiting positions in the philosophy department at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Chicago Law School. Before her life as a philosopher, she worked as a law associate on a (pro bono) death penalty case and several (non pro bono) product liability cases. She has a J.D. from Harvard Law School and an A.B. from Dartmouth College. Some of her current academic interests include population ethics, the nature of normativity, commitment, and the self.

Kenneth Clatterbaugh

Kenneth C. Clatterbaugh is an American philosopher. He was Chair of the department of Philosophy at the University of Washington for fifteen years. He retired in 2012. His interests are modern philosophy, social philosophy, and gender studies.

Charles Mills

Charles W. Mills is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center CUNY. Formerly, he taught at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northwestern University. He was also the President of the American Philosophical Association Central Division. His research interests include social and political philosophy, Africana philosophy, critical philosophy of race, and ethics.

Meena Krishnamurthy

Meena Krishnamurthy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Queen’s University. Previously she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and in the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Michigan. She is a political philosopher who works mostly in the area of normative democratic theory.

Amia Srinivasan

Amia Srinivasan is the Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at All Souls College, Oxford. Previously she was an assistant professor at St John’s College, Oxford, and a lecturer in philosophy at University College London. She works on topics in epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy, social and political philosophy, and feminism.

Andrew Janiak

Andrew Janiak is a Professor of philosophy, former Chair of the Bass Society of Fellows, and former Chair of the Department at Duke University. He is a co-leader of Project Vox, an international enterprise that seeks to recover the lost voices of women in the history of modern science and philosophy.

Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson is a Professor of Philosophy & Religion and Director of the Ethics Lab at South Dakota State University. His current research areas include virtue theory, political philosophy, ethics, and experimental ethics. Dr. Peterson is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships, including from the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the John Templeton Foundation. Foundation.

Yannik Thiem

Yannik Thiem is an Associate Professor, in the Department of Religion at Columbia University. Thiem’s research interests include gender and sexuality, religion and politics, philosophy of religion, critical theory, and queer theory. Recent work includes the book Unbecoming Subjects: Judith Butler, Moral Philosophy, and Critical Responsibility; Ripples of Redemptive Time: The Ethics and Politics of Temporality in Hermann Cohen and Walter Benjamin, and the book project in progress, Politics of Affect: Race, Religion, Sex, and Other Monsters.


Jevin West

Jevin West is an Associate Professor and director Director for the Center for an Informed Public at University of Washington. He is the Co-director of the DataLab and Co-founder and Director of the Center for an Informed Public. He studies the Science of Science and worries about the spread of misinformation. He develops knowledge discovery tools to both study and facilitate science. In particular, His is interested in the origin of scholarly disciplines and how sociological and economic factors drive and slow the evolution of science.

Michael Nekrasov

Michael Nekrasov is a Researcher in Computer Science at University of Santa Barbara. He has his Ph.D. in Computer Science, and his research focuses on the filed of technologies for environmental and disaster monitoring, as well as wireless networks in challenged environments. In this project he provides technical support such as statistical analysis of large data sets, and web development.

Irina Artamonova

Irina Artamonova is a Statistician currently working at the Division of Global Public Health, at University of California, San Diego. Irina does research in Statistics, Public Health and Psychiatry.

Katrina England

Katrina England is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Binghamton University. She developed the Critical Thinking Lba to train seniors to help other students in writing different analytical projects. She has instructed and served as a teaching assistant in many different classes during her time at Binghamton.

Zayna Hustoft

Zyna Hustoft is an undergraduate Psychology major at South Dakota State University. She works at the Ethics Lab, her research is focused on facial trustworthiness and self-perceptions of leadership.

Jenn Dum

Jenn Dum has a PhD in Philosophy from Binghamton University. She now works as an LSAT Test Developer on the Law School Admission Council. While at Binghamton, her research interests included Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, and Philosophy of Education.

Aaron Schultz

Aaron Schultz is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Binghamton University. He also works as an instructor at Binghamton University. He is primarily interested in Buddhist ethics, Buddhist meditation practices, and Metaethics. Before discovering his passion for philosophy, Aaron studied film and video production at Grand Valley State University. He also holds an MA in philosophy from Kent State University.

Junyi Dong

Junyi Dong is an Assistant Professor in the Math Department at St Ambrose College. She earned her PhD in Mathematics at Binghamton University.

Morgan Thompson

Morgan Thompson is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Bielefeld University. She earned her PhD in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Her work focuses on social and political values in science, public trust in science, and philosophy in science. She also has research interests in the causes of underrepresentation of various groups in philosophy and potential interventions to improve philosophy's climate for members of those groups.

Mark Fortney

Mark Fortney is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Toronto, where he earned in PhD in Philosophy. His research focuses on attention and what makes it valuable for us. Similarly, he also works on philosophy of mind and cognitive science

Ben Bronner

Ben Bronner is a Teaching Assistant Professor of Strategic Management & Public Policy at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB).

Isaac Wilhelm

Isaac Wilhelm has a PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University. Starting in Fall 2021, he will begin working as an Assistant Professor with a presidential young professorship at the National University of Singapore. He has a B.A. in mathematics and a B.A. in film theory from the University of Chicago, and an M.A. in philosophy from Tufts University. His research is currently focused on philosophy of science and metaphysics, though he has also worked in logic, formal epistemology, and the philosophy of language.

Astrid Paulsson

Astrid Paulsson does research on morally enhancing global institutions and is a senior PhD student at Charles Sturt University, former student at Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) and former visiting scholar at Yale University. She wrote articles about global poverty in Green Left Weekly and has been teaching locally while finishing her PhD. Her dissertation is currently under review and the topic is Empathy and Global Justice.

Gabriel Balance

Gabrielle recently graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Philosophy and has plans to pursue a PhD. She is interested in normative theory, applied ethics, and logic.

Lia Shaked

Lia Shaked is a Senior Product Designer at Questex. She was the web designer for the Global Health Impact, and hopes to find a career in the graphic design field.

Eric Krebs

Eric Krebs is currently attending Yale University, where he is pursuing a dual degree in economics and anthropology.

Jean Krebs

Jean Krebs is an Associate at Garfunkel Wild, P.C., and Senior Fellow at Gitenstein Institute for Health Law & Policy.